The history of our company

The company opened its operation in 2004. The purpose of the company is development, organization of production and introduction to the livestock of new highly effective feed and therapeutic and preventive additives.

One of the first was a project of series of feed additives for sports horses. Analysis of feeding system and physiology of sports horses allowed to create the products that helped many horses to win the leading competitions in Russia and abroad. Now this project is supported by leading experts and farms.

Since 2007 the company began to produce the therapeutic and preventive additives KMPrempig using its scientific potential and experience of the leading practicing veterinary specialists. Large pig complexes have appreciated and now use individual situation assessment at farms and selection of the most effective complex of KMPrempig. Our experts introduced inspection test of raw materials for dosage forms that guarantees high and stable quality of products.

Production of series of feed additives under the trademark ALTAVIM was launched in 2014. Control systems of eleven feed and functional enzyme activities and organic acids were introduced.

During development and approbation our company is actively cooperating with research and technological institutes and Russian veterinary manufacturing companies that specialized in prevention of infectious diseases. Our company uses an audit system of suppliers and partners.

Expanding our assortment we are cooperating with other manufacturers of feed additives and raw materials for production of feed additives. In the context of this work we became a distributor of the company «Foshan Leader  Bio-Technology Co., Ltd», the manufacturer of pigments and carotenoids; of the company «Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product Co., Ltd» the manufacturer of bile acids; of the company «Jiangsu Yancheng Yuanyao Biological Co., Ltd», which is engaged in deep processing of the protein raw materials and production of feed additives. Our organization is also open for cooperation with other companies.

Research approaching to study the functioning of nonspecific immunity has led to the development of antibacterial compositions based on lysozyme and  cecropin. The production of  the complex antibacterial, immunomodulating feed additive which is called Altavim Cecrolit was started in 2016.

We are already working at the product against mycotoxins based on detoxifyzimes  which destroyes mycotoxins.

Studying of the animals’ stress resistance and the ways of its correction has led to the creation and production of the product which is called  Altavim Relastim in 2017 and the product Altavim Glutamine in 2018.